Posted by: ryanmalley | February 11, 2008

Condo Remodel

When I first bought my condo, I immediately wanted to fix it up and make it look nice. Like most things in the world this costs money. After buying the condo I didn’t have much money left over, so I could only fix certain things. I changed all of the electrical outlets and switches, installed new light fixtures and painted. I did all of these things about 2 years ago.

The next two years, I didn’t do anything!
Well… that’s not entirely true. I bought stuff for the condo. Like a new BBQ, 40 inch LCD TV, new guitars, amps, pedals. Okay none of that stuff is really for the condo, but that is where all of my condo remodel money has gone.

Now, I’m getting ready to sell my condo and I need to finish fixing up the condo.

Within the last couple of weeks I have ripped out my bathroom (cabinets, toilet, shower floor and drywall). The drywall has since been replaced and re-textured. I’ll hopefully be tiling and painting within the next couple of weeks, and my bathroom will be fully operational again.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot and ordered new cabinets for my kitchen and bathroom. It was not cheap. Thank goodness for the Home Depot Credit Card®.

Here is all of the other stuff that I need to fix/replace:

  • tile kitchen, bathroom and entryway
  • new carpet
  • new toilet
  • re-surface bathtub
  • new counter tops (this could be expensive)
  • new dishwasher, refrigerator & stove
  • new light fixtures for bedroom and bathroom
  • new doors/trim
  • finish painting


  1. I tried to find Ryan Malley before yet didn’t realize that this was the central headquaters for the Ryan Malley monopoloy on Ryan Malleyness. Above I thought you were going to say “As soon as I bought my condo”…. I wanted to sell it- is what I thought it was going to say.

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