Posted by: ryanmalley | February 20, 2008

My streak is over.

It’s been years since the last time I threw up. I’m not exactly sure how many years, but its quite a few. This afternoon at work, my stomach started to feel funny. I figured that I was just hungry, so I started to eat lunch. About an hour later, I was feeling worse, so I went to the bathroom and barfed all over the place. Just kidding, I made it to the toilet. I thought I might be getting the flu or something, but it was probably just the half Costco pizza that I ate last night for dinner. I guess that we’ll find out tomorrow, because I just ate a couple more pieces.


  1. dude, you ate costco pizza? it’s all about little caesars — which will probably make you barf, too, but you can wash it down with crazy bread.

  2. I could totally go for some lil’ caesars right now!

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