Posted by: ryanmalley | May 20, 2008

Update…I guess

Last week Jessie Quan told me that I needed to update this thing, so here is a bulleted list of facts for you:

  • I’m back from Japan. It was fun. See photos on my flickr page if you want more info.
  • Aaron, Melinda and Ed came to visit a few weeks back. We had lots of fun.
  • I went to Bakersfield last weekend to visit Mom and Dad for Mothers day. It was fun.
  • I’m still tiling my condo. It is not fun.
  • I’m going down to Portland this weekend. This will most likely be fun.
  • I still have the same job. Not really fun, but I can’t complain.
  • I’m still playing in the same band and writing new songs. Fun.


  1. Thanks for the update, Ryan! Now I won’t have to create a gMail sig about you not updating your blog!

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