Posted by: ryanmalley | July 14, 2008

Busy week

Last week started out like most other weeks…with a monday. Not much going on, work, go jogging, watch tv.  Tuesday, was about the same, except Jerod, his friend Nate, and myself went out for some drinks after work. Wednesday is where it starts to get interesting. Around 2 or 3 o’clock, I get a call from Aliciana asking me if I’ll drive their Uhaul down to Bakersfield for them. Not only is there a Uhaul, but it’s towing a trailer with a truck on it. Work has been kinda slow, so I say yes and proceed to go home and pack for the trip. Traffic was horrible that day, so I didn’t get down to Mercir Island until around 7:00. After eating some chicken mcnuggets from the mcdonalds across the street, I began my 21 hour journey to california. Usually it wouldn’t take me this long to drive to Bakersfield, but remember… I was driving a Uhaul with a trailer that had a speed limit of 45mph. I think I averaged about 55-60mph, and only had to stop a few times for gas. Sleep? Nope. I went to sleep the next day around 11:00pm after I went out and had dinner with my parents. The next afternoon I flew back to Seattle and went to work.The next day was SP20 (sub pop’s 20 year anniversay concert) at marymoor park. Jesse managed to get me and Kelly some free tickets, so we hung out there all day and drank free beer and watched all the awesome bands.  After the show was over, we hung out backstage until we got kicked out by security. I met Jemaine from flight of the conchords. Then we went to the beer garden (which was closed) and hung out with all of the security guards after the show and drank more free beer. Then we checked into our hotel (thanks seaweed) and went out to some bar called Palmers and did some dancing. Jesse played a fake guitar for most of the night until he hit some girl with it by accident. After that we went to the store bought more beer and some chips. Then we went to bed. The next day was spent laying on the couch and recovering. See my pictures for all the details.


  1. Ryan Malley is a rock star.

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