Posted by: ryanmalley | October 28, 2008


Well… I finally did it. Starting January 1 2009, I will officially have health insurance. I didn’t want to do it, but I figured that since I’m making the big money now, I could afford to drop $64 a month on health insurance. I don’t think that I’ve had it for at least the last couple of years, and I’ve been pretty lucky so far, but since I’m getting old, I figured that it was about time to do it.


  1. Now that you have insurance you should look into getting appendicitis. I’ve never personally had it but my brother highly recommends it.

  2. Yup….without my insurance, my appendix operation would have cost me 27K. Insurance is a good thing (although it would be better if it was universal and I didn’t have to pay $300 a month for it).

  3. Yikes, I don’t even make $300 a month.

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