Posted by: ryanmalley | November 13, 2008


Is it just me or is Taco Del Mar getting worse? I mean, they were never really great, but c’mon. The portions are getting smaller, the quality is not as good, and the prices are going up. The other day, I ordered a mondo burrito and it was half the size that they usually are. I even told the guy that was making it that it was the smallest burrito that I have ever seen, and that I was going to stop going there. He didn’t care. Is the economy getting so bad that we can’t even afford rice and beans? From now on, I will judge the economy by the size of burritos that I get. But not burritos from Taco Del Mar… screw that place!


  1. that sucks. it’s like someone shitting on top of shit and telling you it’s gold. but i never really liked the del mar. del taco, on the other hand….

  2. Del Taco is the best. I might actually eat there tonight since it is on my way to band practice in Tacoma!

  3. i’m stoked when they opened the del tacos in federal way and tacoma. all we need now here is a in and out…

  4. Del Taco, Carls Jr, and Little Caesars are all in Tacoma. What more could you ask for? That’s why they call it “The City of Destiny”. Oh ya… In and Out.

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